They’re Watching

While you’re there, in front of the monitor, they’re watching. There, in that room. They’re looking at you. They’re looking how you’re wasting your time. That nasty look in their face. Arrogance. They feel superior to you. They’re looking. Don’t make a sound. They don’t know you know it. They don’t know you’re working. Working […]

Cyan (IV) – The Door

“I’m in the same day. The time didn’t pass.” “I was fainted thirty minutes.” “But… when I was there I’m sure I spent several hours walking.” He read the first entry. The second, the third… He was right about the time. In that world, the time stands still. At last, he realized the meaning of […]

Power Is Obsession

He is obsessed. Obsessed about power. He sees it in every event of his life. He wants to win, he is a winner in everything. This obsession makes him heartless. He doesn’t see the person, he sees a chess piece. You might think he has no friends, but you are wrong. He uses them for […]

Dragon Hunter Thoughts

“It feels great. My hair and the air. The freedom of flying in this cyan sky.” “It’s time to hunt a dragon.” “It’s funny. I’m hunting a dragon on the back of my own dragon.” (This enormous metal dragon took me several months to build.) “Dragons are majestic. But…” “…it’s a pity that my job […]

Cyan (III) – The Door

Here, the time stands still. He doesn’t feel hungry or thirsty. He just feel the heat from the sun while he’s exploring. He just see grass and clouds. Until… (What’s that?) “What’s that?” Each step makes the thing clearer to see. He starts to remember what happened to him. The thing he sees is… (I […]

The Reason You’re Weak

“You cannot control yourself. How will I trust you? How will everybody trust you?” “I know… I know… I want to do it, but… I always delay it.” “If you know yourself, you have the solution. You already know yourself, but you don’t want to admit it.” “What do I not want to admit? Tell […]

Why Has It To Be Now?

There’s a place they met, but they don’t remember it. It was not the place that was important. The important thing was the decision the man did. After all, he had to do it. His love said: “WHY can’t I go with you? I want to go… You don’t love me, is it?” He knows […]