Cyan (II) – The Door

(The clouds are moving. But…, why isn’t the grass moving by the air?) “Weird.” He starts exploring the vast field. He finds something. (Mmm…. a calculator watch?) “This code again!!! What it could mean #00ffff?” He found a device with a ton of entries. Most of them start with #00ffff in their titles. Among them, […]

You Saw It From His Eyes

“Son, are you tired? We’ve been walking for too long.” “I’m tired, but… we can’t stop now…” “Tell me when you want to rest, son.” “I’ll rest… when we’re safe from those. They’re getting closer. And. I can hear their voices.” “Son, go up there! And take a look.” (My legs are shaking. I don’t […]

Cyan (I) – The Door

“I hate this day! I’ve been cleaning this house in this sunny day. At least, there’s only one room left to finish a well done job.” He stood in front of the door of the last room. (Why has this doorknob a cyan circle in it? Why has it a code next to the colored […]

Me, the boy

Me, the boy, I’m poisoned. Weakness. The man within me is the antidote. Strength. The boy is dying second by second. The man within me is the cure for his suffering. The day will start with the gun in the man’s hand. And will end with a bullet in the boy’s head. The man replace […]

At Your Edge

You’re here alone. There’s nothing you can see. And nothing you can hear. You start walking with no direction. Nothing can guide you. It’s like walking with your eyes closed. It’s even darker than that. But… …at least you can breathe. Each heavy step you make fill your back with fear. FEAR of falling. You’re […]